Founding Partners_

The MicroWorld project began in 2010 through a partnership between PlaNet Finance and Groupe Allard. PlaNet Finance, the economic beneficiary of the project, brings its local microfinance expertise and risk analysis experience. Groupe Allard, with its expert business capabilities, assists MicroWorld by helping to develop a strong, viable social business model and to develop internationally through its network of global investors.
Through the dedication of these partners, the MicroWorld project reached fruition in late 2010, when the website launch occurred in October of that year.

Groupe PlaNet Finance

PlaNet Finance is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that aims to alleviate poverty worldwide through the development of micro-finance. Formed in 1998, PlaNet Finance has developed into an internationally renowned organisation that provides a comprehensive range of micro-finance services. It operates in over 80 countries worldwide and employs a staff of more than 1,000.
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Allard Involved, an affiliate of Groupe Allard, aims to develop projects within a framework of responsibility and solidarity. Its methodology promotes forms of modern engagement not limited to a simple financial contribution. Since 2008, Allard Involved has collaborated with PlaNet Finance on the development of MicroWorld by bringing its expertise in business strategy and its experience in marketing and communications.


A partner of PlaNet Finance since 2006, GDF SUEZ has supported projects to provide access to energy for poor people in developing countries.

GDF SUEZ, also a partner of MicroWorld, educates and mobilizes its employees around a common commitment: to be a socially responsible company that treats its philanthropic initiatives and partnerships as integral to its success as an organsation.


Our shareholders demonstrate their commitment to MicroWorld

MicroWorld was created in the form of a social business. A social business works towards creating social advantages rather than maximizing profits and unlike an NGO, it is a financially, viable business. Shareholders accept that they will not be compensated in the traditional manner in order to increase the range and impact of the social business' actions.

Share their stories, their beliefs by watching their videos.

Umesh Khimji - Ajit Khimji Group

"Do you actually want to help people? Here you are behind a computer and see someone who needs help. You can help him directly, right now, right there, very quickly. You send 20$, he gets 20$, end of the story. And you see his life enhanced from that."


Ziad Al Turki - Alturki Group

"Everyone makes donations. But what do donations do? At the end of the day, here you're giving loans that actually go into creating something for the future. When you give somebody 10$ for a sandwich, you are giving him 10$ to go and get a sandwich but you are not giving him something that's going to create a future for his kids."


Ramiz Hasan - Samena Capital

"MicroWorld actually looks very different from other Microfinance Institutions or models. Because you know, at the end fo the day, we want to be associated with successful ones and we also want to be associated with doing something that is going to have success in the region where we work."

Emmanuel Limido - Centuria Capital

"MicroWorld has many different aspects : first of all it's a very dynamic project. Then it is an original project which mixes technologies or at least modern communication tools with a global and current problematic : microcredit."