Success Story in Tajikistan : Sharofifin Davlatov

I am Sharofidin Davlatov. I am 38 years old. I live in I. Somoni district of Dushanbe city. My father was engaged in folk art. He was a famous woodcarving master and made national cradles and other products.

From childhood, I was interested in his craft, and over the years I learned how to make woodwork with my own hands. The years passed and I had my own clients, so I rented premises, where I started my own activity in this direction.

For several years, I continued my work and taught my apprenticeships to do my craft. My father had a small carving workshop in the yard of house, but because of his old age, he closed his workshop and did not work anymore. Having consulted with my father and brother, we came to the decision to re-open his workshop. However, we needed funds to buy equipment and raw materials. I explained to my brother that we could not do it without a loan.

With the consent of my father and brother, I applied to HUMO for a loan. I purchased equipment for carving wood, as well as raw materials. Moreover, I opened an additional workshop and expanded my activities. My business is going well now because the years 2018 to 2021 are declared the years of development of rural areas and folk crafts. I produce not only national cradles, but also wooden caskets, large tables, etc. My father, brother and 2 other workers help me in my work.

I am personally grateful to HUMO and MicroWorld for their support and I am glad that they help such small entrepreneurs like me. In the future, I plan to continue cooperating with HUMO and get a large loan for the purchase of other necessary equipment.