Success Story in Tajikistan : Guldona Shoeva

Guldona Shoeva is a resident of Jilikul jamoat, Zarnisor village. She is 58 years old. She has two businesses now. She runs her own canteen, as well as a trading business.

However, in the beginning, the road to success was not easy for her. She did not have enough initial capital to start her business.

One day, Guldona heard from her neighbor about the activities of HUMO. She applied to this organization and received a loan to open a canteen. During the year, she made good profits and managed to purchase one retail outlet in the market.

In October 2013, Guldona took a second loan to expand her activities. She already had loyal customers at that time. She made good profits and was able to organize the wedding of her daughter. The following year, Guldona’s son entered the university and she needed money to pay annual tuition of her son. Guldona received again a loan from HUMO for this purpose.
Today, her son successfully graduated university; he is already working, married and has a child. He is very grateful to his mother that she helped him to get a higher education.

In 2018, Guldona applied for her fourth loan. This time she used the loan to renovate her canteen. Now she receives more visitors in her canteen. She is very grateful for this to HUMO and MicroWorld!