Success Story in Tajikistan : Dilbarkhon Lolaeva

Dilbarkhon Lolaeva is a resident of Vakhsh district of Chkalov village. She is married and the mother of 5 children. Dilbarkhon and her husband are engaged in animal husbandry, as their countryside has good natural conditions for this activity.

Before getting a loan, they had only a couple of cattle. They could not increase the number of animals, because the barn where they kept the cattle was very small and old. Dilbarkhon decided to apply for a loan in order to improve and expand their activity.

In August 2018, Dilbarkhon received a loan in the amount of 8,000 somoni. Dilbarkhon used it to purchase livestock and build two-floor barnyard. Now, her animals are comfortable in the new dwelling. On the first floor of the cattle yard, Dilbarkhon keeps her cattle, and on the second floor, she keeps stocks of feed for her livestock. At the moment, she has two heads of cattle and four heads of sheep in her barnyard. Dilbarkhon and her husband buy and sell livestock in the cattle markets of Vakhsh district such as Bagara, Guliston, Seshanbe. They take forage for livestock from their household land and from 1 hectare of leased land.

Thanks to the loan, Dilbarkhon realized her goals. She was able to increase the herd and build a modern barnyard, under the roof of which, in cold weather, her animals are now warm and safe. This loan really helped her improve her business. Dilbarkhon is very grateful to everyone for their support.