Muhammad Yunus: towards a crisis exit?

While the supports towards Nobel Peace Prize have multiplied with the declarations of support of Washington and the creation of a Facebook page for the cause of the banker of the poors, the Bangldashi government, accused to try to settle up with the father of microcredit, seems to be ready to calm down. The Minister of Finance indicated on March 23 that his government « is ready to find a solution, Muhammad Yunus must help us solve this affair. »

Robert Blake, the Deputy State Secretary of the United States for South East Asia, said that he was worried about the future of the Grameen Bank, due to the eviction of its founder by the government, motivated by his too high age.

The Grameen that inspired many microfinance institutions around the world, is possessed at 95% by the borrowers, among which a great majority are women. The state of Bangladesh possesses the remaining 5%.

Read the reaction of Jean-Luc Perron, General Manager of the Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation about the future of the Grameen Bank.

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