Muhammad Yunus: Supreme Court confirms his departure from Grameen Bank


This is perhaps the last episode in the Yunus affair in Bangladesh. Despite the almost unanimous support from abroad, Professor Yunus, Nobel Prize winner and Grameen Bank founder, must leave the bank he created for the poor; he founded it in 1983 to give microloans to people excluded from the banking system. The Supreme Court rejected his appeal on April 5 and confirmed his departure, as called for by the Central Bank, minority shareholder at Grameen and strong arm of the Prime Minister; the Prime Minister has been against Yunus.

The past few weeks, support for Yunus has multiplied, from people like Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland and UN commissioner for human rights, Hillary Clinton, and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who wrote a letter of support to Yunus on April 5.

Translate by Catherine Jan

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