Sébastien Duquet, Directeur Général de PlaNis


Interview with Sébastien Duquet, Managing Director of PlaNIS.

PlaNIS is the body within the PlaNet Finance group specialising in advising socially responsible investment funds dedicated to microfinance. Sébastien Duquet, its Managing Director, explains its activities to us.

Question: "You’ve just returned from South America. What have you been doing there?”

In 2010, PlaNIS financed a dozen Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs) in Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Peru. The MFIs which PlaNIS supports cover very diverse situations, be it in terms of maturity, size, regulatory status, funding requirements or the range of financial or non financial services available…
We mustn’t forget that our vocation is to help to provide capital as much to viable, well-established MFIs as to the more vulnerable ones that require financial and technical support.

Question: "Which countries will PlaNIS be visiting next to look at MFIs?”

There are still a lot of zones being prospected. In the not too distant future, we will be sending teams out to Albania, Egypt and Indonesia where we have pre-selected some MFIs with interesting, high potential profiles for further evaluation.

Question: "When PlaNIS carries out an audit, what is its golden rule?"

To do everything in our power to provide the final lender with the best guarantees possible. In our role as financial investment advisors, we make sure that all human and technical resources are put to work to provide the best solutions for our investment partners, in terms of both returns and risk analysis.