Interview of Muhammad Yunus : will we come to the end of poverty in the world by 2030?

Guest of honor at the first European Forum of the social economy in Wiesbaden, Germany, Muhammad Yunus, founder of microcredit and Nobel Peace prize in 2006, shared his vision of the global social entrepreneurship development in an interview with the newspaper Libération.

In this interview, Muhammad Yunus who received last month the gold medal U.S. Congress , discusses the economic and social situation in Europe and in the world sharing his vision of a credible alternative of the crisis and unemployment: the development of "social business" to encourage young people (strongly affected by unemployment) to initiate a project through concrete infrastructure.

According to him, the next generation would have a key role to "transform mentalities" because of their mastery of new technologies and their culture of immediacy.

Muhammad Yunus also defends in this interview, the importance of the concept of "social fiction" which can help new entrepreneurs to imagine a project and make more people adhere to it: "with a good idea, 80% of the work is done".

Go to a "new capitalism" , allowing both to create wealth generating companies and others to solve contemporary problems, would also be an option for lift people out of poverty. "We live in an overly restrictive definition of capitalism, which is to make profit" .

With the recent creation of a Ministry for Social Economy and Solidarity in France, Muhammad Yunus recalls the major interest of political support to develop social business and social economy where there is still many opportunities to create, especially in France and Germany, two countries in which this concept has quickly made ​​sense. As shown M. Yunus, "if every company invests a little in social business, everything can change".

Finally, he concluded this interview with an optimistic tone: the goal is to overcome poverty in the world by 2030 by implementing a business model that would enable the poor to access to education, health, technology and of course work: "it is the key to overcome poverty and unemployment in the world".

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