French International Development Assistance

The conferences on development

During 4 months, the conferences on the development and of international solidarity reunited NGOs, firms, elected representatives,… to debate and clarify the French development policy. As a result of this event, a national committee of development and international solidarity will be created and a law promulgated in September of 2014. The speech of the French President, François Hollande, at the end of the conference, in March 2013 developed several objectives:
- Help to development through all tools, including economy. It will focused on women and decentralized cooperation.
- Security : "There is no security without development and no development without security," insisted the head of state, referring to Mali.
- Planet protection, AFD (French Agency of Development has to refuse to finance un-environmental friendly projects, as an instance)
- Keep donations taxfree
This speech is in rupture with the policy of Françafrique and of previous governments.

A focus on AIDS

Then, he focused specifically on the ongoing fight against AIDS that last year caused some 1.8 million deaths in which a majority was in the 25-50 age range and being the professionally active persons contributing to the good economical functioning. The speech proposed the treatment of some fifteen million people instead of the former number of 7 million and this engagement against AIDS shall be important for the economical and social development of poor countries stated Hollande. France is actually the second financial investor for the fight against AIDS and intends on keeping its participation as well as diversifying it. The President said that he intends to do whatever is possible to help the progression of this fight and this included the use of 10% of the TFT (Taxes on Financial Transactions) to help the eradication of this pandemic alongside with the distribution of water resources and climatic issues. The result of the past campaign has proven useful as it helps follow some 630 000 people being HIV positive in poor countries.

The development assistance committee consists of twenty-four countries including the European Union since 1960 and France has been among the founders of this group. France has even been at the origin of the International Fund created by Lionel Jospin in 1998 called “Fonds de Solidarité Thérapeutique International” that has been taken as example by the EU in 2001.

Source: AIDES and Youphil