CERMi celebrated 5 years

For the 5th anniversary of the European Research Centre in Microfinance which was held on March 18th 2013, the ULB (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and UMONS (Université de Mons) has welcomed on that special occasion two prestigious speakers, Professor Jonathan Murdoch and Mr. Vijay Mahajan from the United States and India respectively.

Professor Murdoch from University of New York together with Doctor Honoris Causa from the ULB discussed recent advances in the scientific research in microfinance and the contribution of CERMi (Centre for European Research in Microfinance) in these advances while Vijay Mahan Director of the Indian microfinance institution, BASIX, and chairman of the Executive Committee of the consortium CGAP donor gave the point of view of practitioners on research in microfinance. Co-directors of CERMi Professors Marek Hudon, Ariane Szafarz and Marc Labie evoked the five first years of the research centre they created together.

CERMi has promoted the study of microfinance in developing countries and meets 46 researchers throughout Europe, who are specialized in this particular field. It is also linked to the European Microfinance Program (EMP) which involves around forty selected students from twenty different nationalities in an english post-master program.

The research at CERMi covers several areas such as governance and public politics, ethical issues in microfinance, interaction between microfinance and financial market and gender in microfinance. The results obtained by CERMi members are published in the best science magazines. Several long term projects have been launched in 2012 on different topics.

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