Alexandre Allard - Président du Groupe Allard


Alexandre Allard, President of Groupe Allard, answers two questions:

“Social business is the new model for co-development.”

1/ Why set up a social business?

Allard Involved, one of the divisions of Groupe Allard, is a socially responsible company investing in co-development. I don’t believe that commitment simply comes down to financial assistance and for as long as I’ve been involved in entrepreneurial ventures, I have always tried to promote and implement innovative economic models. I am convinced that Social Business is the most effective solution for reconciling sustainable development and economic viability. This model is in keeping with the project’s philosophy: developing entrepreneurial initiative.
Groupe Allard’s mission is to support this project using new web technologies in particular to mobilise and encourage each and every one of us to participate actively in developing micro-entrepreneurial projects all over the world.

2/ What was Allard Involved hoping to achieve when they created MicroWorld alongside PlaNet Finance?

For me, working alongside PlaNet Finance is a chance to build the best possible strategic alliance to support the project: PlaNet Finance is as much a guarantor of the project’s viability as of its transparency; it is THE world reference in microfinance. Allard Involved’s role is complementary: its specific entrepreneurial expertise enables it to bring a certain dynamism to the investment platform. We will be putting all our efforts into inciting as many people as possible to support MicroWorld and to become actively involved in the implementation of micro entrepreneurial projects.