Code of Ethics

“Reducing poverty in the world by facilitating access to financial services for those who are excluded.” This is the task which Positive Planet has set itself. By offering the least fortunate the means to develop income generating activities and the possibility to take advantage of the different financial services, Microfinance constitutes a particularly pertinent tool. Positive Planet’s objective is therefore to accelerate development and reinforce efficiency in accordance with the Human Rights and the sacred principles of the Democracy such as are defined by the Preamble of the United Nations Charter, international financial institutions and the different protocols of the International Labour Organisation.

Positive Planet’s calling is to gradually extend its field of intervention to all the domains of Microfinance. Hence the entities Microcred, FinanCités, Planet Rating, PlaNet Guarantee, PlaNis, Microworld were all set up for this purpose within the Positive Planet Group. These organisms, some of which have both a social and financial role like those to be set up in future, all share the same objective. They guarantee their economic equilibrium and development by freeing up excess funds part of which are returned to Positive Planet to be reinvested in its mission.

Faithful to the ethical dimension of its activity the Positive Planet Group has defined Values and Principles as a behaviour code for all its partners, i.e. all parties contributing to Positive Planet’s mission. This Code of Ethics explains them. Ethics are an essential dimension to the success of the Positive Planet Group’s action and this code is a guarantee. Each of the associates be they salaried or volunteer workers from the Positive Planet Group must appropriate it and contribute to putting it into practice on an everyday basis.

Respecting Human Rights and dignity

The Positive Planet Group guarantees that its partners will be treated equally and without any form of discrimination. The Positive Planet Group is particularly attentive to its activities being well integrated within the social fabric of the countries in which it operates. In each of these countries, it ensures the respect of its interlocutors, their cultures and their social traditions. Neither the partners nor the recipients of the Positive Planet Group may exercise or finance activities involving forced labour, child employment or activities opposed by international conventions, the recommendations of international financial institutions, and the International Labour Organisation or national legislation.

Payment for services rendered and measuring social impact

The Positive Planet Group works only with partners conforming to these rules of guidance for their activity which govern payment for services rendered. This is particularly the case for Microfinance institutions which promise to:

  • Guarantee to provide full information on products and services
  • Offer interest rates compatible with its borrower’s financial possibilities
  • Remain vigilant regarding the risks of over indebtedness
  • Put into place recovery procedures which respect to Human Rights

The social impact of services rendered must be evaluated regularly.

Respecting Legislation

The Positive Planet Group operates in various countries, representing a great variety of legal and political environments. For this reason it is careful to ensure that the legislation of each country is respected on condition that it is in accordance with the ethical values of the present Code. The Positive Planet Group promises that funds collected and the usage thereof will conform to the international conventions regarding money laundering.


The respect of the environment constitutes an important ethical value. The Positive Planet Group attaches importance to evaluating the ecological impact of its activities and invites its partners to be vigilant in this area.

Refusal of corruption

The Positive Planet group promises to forbid:

  • All forms of corruption which could prove beneficial in any way or influence a decision
  • Any form of favouritism on the part of the entities of the Positive Planet Group or its partners.

Preventing Conflicts of Interest

The Positive Planet Group takes all necessary measures to avoid conflicts of interest between its various activities, as well as between its interests and the personal interests of its associates, salaried or volunteer workers. In particular they must not exploit their membership of the Positive Planet Group to ends foreign to its purpose.
Indeed associates with political involvements or other associative activities exercise these activities on an exclusively personal level. When exercising these activities they are forbidden to engage the Positive Planet Group or to harm the nature of its missions or its image.


The Positive Planet Group promises to maintain the confidentiality of all data collected by its associates for their activity and not to divulge this data without the authorisation of the interested parties.


Positive Planet promises to procure information that is complete regarding its activities and funding for its partners and the general public. All parties contributing to Positive Planet’s mission must be aware of the Code of Ethics and promise to respect it. Positive Planet reserves the right to put an end to all cooperation with a partner, an institution an organisation or an associate who has not respected these values and principles.